A Heavily Modified Soldier, Ready for Battle

(Note: Use rules found in Etherscope Campaign Setting)

With the advances in science and the miniaturization of once extremely bulky power sources has allows the creation of Cybernaughtic applications. In essence, a Cybernaughtic enhancement is a device that replaces a standard limb or body part with a completely artificial one. These can range from eyes, hands, arms, legs, or even internal organs, all powered by clockwork, steam, alchemy, or electricity.

Types of Power
When gaining a Cybernaughtic enhancement through the use of the Feat, you must choose a power source. Each has their own special bonuses and penalties. Note, that it is possible to change an already selected power source, but requires the expenditure of $500 per HD of the character.

  • Clockwork Drive
    Clockwork Cybernaughtics use winding clocks for a source of power and are generally more compact as a power source, able to fit almost anywhere. Those with a Clockwork power source gain the following abilities:

Winding (Ex): Clockwork Cybernaughtics must be wound with special keys in order to function. As a general rule, a fully wound clockwork augmentation can remain active for 12 Hours.

Vulnerable to Electricity: Those with Clockwork Cybernaughtics take an extra 15% damage from electricity for every augmentation they have.

Swift Reactions (Ex): Those with Clockwork Augmentations generally react faster. If equipped with a set of Clockwork Legs, the recipient gains Lightning Reflexes as a bonus feat. If equipped with two Clockwork Arms, the recipient gains Improved initiative as a bonus feat.

  • Alchemical Drive
    Using roiling chemicals and pistons driven by volatile substances, alchemical drives offer an increase in power at the expense of a sensitive system. Those with an Alchemical power source gain the following abilities:

Armor Check Penalty: The tank that contains the fluids is bulky and causes a -2 Armor Check penalty.

Bonus to Strength and Constitution: Any Cybernaughtic enhancements that increase strength and constitution is increased by 2.

Fuel Tank (Ex): It takes 2 doses of alchemist’s fire to run an Alchemical drive for 24 hours. Once a week, an Acid Flask must be consumed by the drive or the user starts taking a cumulative penalty of -1 each day to the linked ability for every day after the week has passed.

Alchemical Backlash (Ex): Any time an armature with the
alchemical drive train is hit by a critical hit or sneak attack with
a non-reach melee weapon, the attacker is subject to one of the
following effects (determine effect randomly): the attackers takes 1d6 points of acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, becomes sickened for 1d4 rounds (Fortitude negates), or becomes entangled for 1d4 rounds (Reflex negates). The DC to negate the sickened or entangled conditions is equal to 10 + one-half the armature’s HD + the armature’s Constitution modifier. This save DC is Constitution-based.

  • Electromagnetic Drive
    With the advent of electromagnetism, it’s no surprise that electrically powered engines become increasingly popular among engineers. Electric Dynamos provide a huge output of power, yet the same thing that powers it can undo it as well.

Armor Check Penalty: The backpack that contains the batteries causes a -1 Armor Check penalty.

Bonus to Dexterity and Perception: Any Cybernaughtic enhancements that increase Dexterity and Perception is increased by 2.

Fuel Cell: Every month, an Electromagnetic drive’s fuel cells need to replaced. It takes 10 flasks of Acid to refill the batteries. If after 30 days, the batteries run dry, then the drive ceases to function.

Short Circuit (Ex): Whenever the owner of an electromagnetic drive is subjected to an electrical attack, they must make a fortitude save DC 10 + 1 for every point of damage. If they succeed, the damage is cut in half. If they fail, they are stunned for 1d4 rounds.

  • Steam Drive
    The staple of Ulleran power sources, steam drives the country and there’s no surprise that it would be used to drive Cybernaughtics. But for what steam power lacks in finesse, it makes up for in raw, brute force.

Boiler: The Steam Drive runs off of a special coal boiler, burning coal into coal gas, which is then used to heat distilled water to create pure steam. The coal gas burns slower, but the boiler still needs to be supplied with at least 1 pound of coal ever 12 hours.

Bonus to Strength: Any Cybernaughtic enhancements that increase strength are increased by 4.

Steam Flash (Ex): Any time the owner of a steam drive train is hit by critical hit or sneak attack with a nonreach melee weapon, the attacker takes 1d6 fire damage per 10 HD the armature possesses and becomes blinded for 1 round (Reflex save reduces damage by half and negates blind condition). This fire damage cannot cause combustibles to catch fire. The DC to negate the blind condition is equal to 10 + one-half the armature’s HD + the armature’s Constitution modifier. This save DC is Constitution-based

Cybernaughtic Grades

  • Ornate: Ornate grade cybernaughtics are the toys of the elite. They are chosen for their fine crafting and artistic elegance. Whilst they offer little extra in functionality, they make up for it in beauty and elegance. Ornate grade cybernaughtics are grafted by skilled doctors and are not as invasive as other apps.
    Benefit: +4 to Diplomacy checks, +2 to Intimidate
    Drawback: Any strength based enhancement bonuses are halved
  • Industrial: Industrial: Industrial grade cybernaughtics are tools to enable the worker to better perform his job. They are often used to replace limbs lost to industrial accidents, thus minimising the impact such accidents can have on the efficiency of the workforce. Industrial grade apps are built with economy in mind, using the cheapest materials and wasting no expense on styling or optimising the size.
    Benefit: Strenght based bonuses are increased by 1/2
    Drawback: -4 to Disguise Checks to hide enhancement. Gains Regular Maintenance 1.
  • Military: Military grade cybernaughtics are built for combat. They are not sleek or stylish, but are state-of-the-art technology and built to be able to sustain damage in a warfare situation.
    Benefit: HP of Cybernaughtic limb increased by 1/2, Hardness increased by 1/4.
    Drawback: Only Available to Military.
  • Street: Street grade attachments are designed to go unnoticed. These are the illegal black-market apps that are used by criminals and street mercenaries alike. Such cybernaughtics are invariably
    grafted in place by an unskilled, backstreet doctor with no formal training.
    Benefit: +4 to Disguise Checks to go unnoticed, +2
    Drawback: Regular Maintenance II

Regular Maintenance: Regular Maintenance comes in four tiers: I, II, III, IV. A cybernaughtic app with any form of Regular Maintenance must preform routine maintenance on their cybernuaghtic app at the start of every day. If the owner of a cybernaughtic app goes without Regular Maintenance for 24 hours, they take a cumulative -1 penalty to any and all enhancements that they’d normally get from their application. When they go without Regular Maintenance, their level of maintenance goes up by one.
I – 15 Minutes
II – 30 Minutes
III – 45 Minutes
IV – 60 Minutes


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