Spell Plague

“It was the greatest… And the wort idea that we had ever had.”
-Anderan Stropsky, Royal Splicer of the Federated States of Ullera

“We all thought it was the only way. We were right, but oh so wrong.”
-Jorji Lambert, Royal Splicer of the Federated States of Ullera

The War of Abolition between the Federation and the Dominion was going badly for the Federation. The Dominion Battle Mages wrecked the battlefield with spell artillery and enchantments that turned friend into foe. To simply put, the Federation was losing the war.

But they had something on their side that the Dominion didn’t: The new science of genetics. With the understanding of how plagues and diseases reproduce and spread, it was only a small step to realize that they can be changed to affect a specific target.

In comes the Spell Plague. A retroactive virus that targets spellcasters and only spellcasters. And it worked. Every spellcaster in the Dominion felt the plague’s touch. Their bodies failed and their minds rotted to the Spell Plague. It had worked.

Too well, in fact.

It was meant to target arcane spellcasters of the Rauschite Dominion, but it changed. Splicers witnessed the first ever case of mutation and watched as the Spell Plague jumped from Arcane to Divine Spellcasters. With their connection to the gods cut and no cure, many watched their priests and oracles die with no help from their gods.

Today, the Spell Plague is a taboo subject. No one talks about it in a bright light and most have tried to erase its presence from history.

Spell Plague

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